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We are focused with providing the best security guard services and crowd control officers in the industry.

Currently, we offer a range of different services to a range of clients within the entertainment, maritime & defence industries as well as major public events.

What sets Guardia apart from our competitors is that we provide outstanding customer service and a safe and secure environment for consumers, staff and surroundings as well as an effective response unit to meet the needs of our diverse and unique clientele. Guardia services clients throughout regional and rural areas.

Security Services
Guardia is an adaptive security services Melbourne organisation. We have evolved with the times as our home city of Melbourne has grown and become a booming international city. Guardia keeps abreast of the most important developments in local security so you don’t have to. We ensure all our clients are kept in the loop regarding any potential risks or concerns, as we understand that communication is the key to a successful professional partnership, such as that enjoyed by current Guardia clients. A preliminary list of the private security services we offer here in Melbourne may include, but will not be limited to, the following: Security guard – Maintain a visible security presence tailored to suit your specific security requirements. Crowd control security services – Our professional private security contractors are licensed crowd controllers licensed by Victoria Police to oversee a variety of events, functions, and gatherings. Guardia knows that the best approach to crowd control is an active one. Our crowd controllers maintain a constant state of vigilance and interaction with guests and organisers to ensure things run smoothly and security risks are addressed quickly or avoided all together. Event, function, and venue security – With the appropriate RSA certification, our security guard staff and crowd control security have the knowledge and experience to effectively monitor and control events, functions, or venues that serve alcohol. A Guardia security presence at your next private/public event, function, or venue event will ensure everybody has a great time without the hassles of intoxication and disruptive behaviour. K9 security and guard dogs – Guardia in Melbourne maintains a highly-trained, highly-effective K9 unit with a wide range of potential security applications for a variety of clients and their specific security needs. We offer guard dogs, which are able to keep a premises, shop, factory, construction site, or other location vulnerable to intrusion or trespass safe and secure. For clients that require greater security capabilities, we also provide a patrol service utilising our K9 unit and their highly trained and experienced handlers. A guard dog security patrol can keep a much larger area secure than other commonly used security services. Armed Guards – Guardia has evolved to become a leading private security provider here in Australia, and we have recently obtained contracts for the provision of close protection and private security in high-risk areas overseas, such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the Philippines. Guardia ensures that all of our armed private security personnel are ex-military personnel with the appropriate training and experience. In Melbourne, we provide armed guards to protect high-profile or high-value targets. This includes armed escort services, armed static security guards, and bodyguard services.
Bodyguard Services

For clients who require close protection, monitoring, or constant security management in high-risk or high-profile cases, may find Guardia’s bodyguard services and close protection services useful.
Guardia has over 30 years operating experience delivering high-quality private security services Melbourne solutions for businesses, individuals, and organisations.
As part of our extensive suite of private security services on offer here in Melbourne, interstate, and abroad, Guardia offers a highly-specialised close protection, or bodyguard, service for clients that need it.
All Guardia close protection personnel are extensively trained, experienced, and are licensed as required by Victoria Police. Guardia only employs close protection personnel who have chosen to specialise in the bodyguard role, and who have demonstrated that they are willing to do so with a significant degree of professionalism.
Guardia bodyguard personnel maintain a high degree of cognitive, emotional, and physical readiness to respond to complex security threats in dynamic situations. Their extensive training and experience ensures that they always know the right way to act should they have to do so to secure the client.
Our close protection and bodyguard services are further strengthened by our professional security network which provides additional intelligence and real time updates to close protection personnel on the job, allowing them to keep abreast of potentially changing security situations and developments as they happen.

Crowd Control Services
Crowd control is a complex operation that calls for experience, training, and professionalism. Guardia has obtained the experience over our 30 years experience based in Melbourne to address a range of private security concerns, including crowd control services and venue/event security. All Guardia crowd control security guards are licensed by Victoria Police, and have received extensive training in crowd management and crowd control techniques in addition to their professional experience. Guardia only employs the best. We know that the right approach to crowd control involves vigilance, constant readiness, and a visible security presence. This ensures that security risks are minimised and addressed before disruptive behaviour occurs. The Guardia, security services  model of delivery involves building a professional relationship with our clients. We need to get to know you and your business so we can understand how to meet your requirements and expectations. A professional relationship is key to successful crowd control, as effective communication between the client and Guardia private security personnel will ensure that any event runs smoothly, without the risk of disruption. As licensed professionals, Guardia crowd controllers possess Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification which enables them to effectively manage situations where members of the crowd have consumed alcohol. This is fundamental to effective crowd control and maintaining an enjoyable and smooth event or function. Some of Guardia’s key crowd control services include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Guest list and invitation checks.
  • ID checks.
  • Perimeter observation, including close observation and management of exits and entrances.
  • Cooperation and communication with local authorities, such as police, ambulance, and fire services to effectively respond to adverse events.
  • Tailored crowd control solutions based upon the client’s specific requirements.
Guardia understands that the best security outcomes are those delivered in close cooperation with the client. With this in mind, we welcome you to arrange a consultation during which we can discuss the specifics of your situation and how best we can serve you. When you require professional security services in Melbourne, with the most trusted security company, contact Guardia today 1300 063 826 or contact us at
Our Commitment to you

Our commitment to our client is to provide tailored care that fits your special needs. Not everybody’s situation is the same. We realise this and use our many years of experience to ensure you get the personalised attention you deserve. Guardia will take the time to develop a deep understanding of your business to ensure you get the best possible security that add real value to your situation.

We promise you will always treated with the greatest respect and all information shared with us or our agents will be dealt with the strictest confidentiality. We will always have your best interests’ front of mind in all the work we deliver.

Furthermore, unlike many competitor firms, we understand that being effective means demonstrating results and not simply talking the talk. This means not only meeting – but exceeding – your expectations and being held accountable for the promises that we make.

We’d be happy to help you find the best solution for your security needs. Get in touch!

Security services

With many years experience providing Guardia has employed only the finest and qualified staff and is one of Australia’s leading With origins and headquarters based in Melbourne as well as offices providing area Sydney, and the ACT, Guardia Risk has been providing proffesional and expert services to government agencies, multinational corporations, maritime, entertainment and non-government organisations.

Working in Melbourne, interstate, and abroad over, Guardia has developed a successful method of delivering the best private security services Melbourne has available. Taking a client-oriented approach, we consult with both new and returning customers extensively in order to identify any unique factors influencing their security situation. As we get to know you and your organisation, we learn how best to apply our experience and professionalism to suit your requirements.
Guardia’s range of security services serves only as a starting point for your reference, as the scope of our skills and experience allows us to adapt to almost any security situation.

Our Security Services

Guardia provides the following services to our clients:

Armed Guards incl. Armed Asset Protection, Armed Escort (incl. undercover)

Licensed Festival/Event Security Guard Services

Gate Keepers (access control)

Corporate Security Services

Licensed Crowd Control Officers

Executive Security

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