Private Event Security Guard

Here at Guardia Risk, we make sure that both new and returning clients feel safe under the watch of our highly trained security professionals. With over 15 years experience in the security and private investigations sectors, Guardia Risk security personnel are unmatched in terms of experience, professionalism, and training. 

We take care of clients of all types and sizes here in Melbourne, including: 

Why choose Guardia Risk to secure your next private function?

Our team of highly trained security personnel provide your function with a visible, professional security element that ensures both hosts and guests alike can feel secure in the knowledge that they are being protected by a reputable security provider. Guardia Risks private event security guard service here in Melbourne delivers a tailored security element based on the specific requirements and circumstances of function hosts and guests. 

 We can be as visible as you like, wearing either our Guardia Risk uniforms or other attire as required by the client. The benefits of choosing a reputable and experienced security firm over a more fly-by-night party security business are numerous and comprehensive. Our unique experience in the security industry includes providing services in government clients in hostile environments such as conflict zones in the Middle East. 

We only hire the best, and the best understand that prevention is always better than cure when it comes to security – especially for private functions. We understand that a client’s reputation can be influenced by the success of their private functions. Our business is guarding your reputation against unforseen threats or security risks.

 Risk management is an important consideration for any successful private function Here at Guardia Risk, our service is tailored towards risk management. This means that our security personnel are trained and experienced in monitoring an environment or situation for potential risks to security, threatening behaviour, intoxications, or unwanted guests.

Security guard private event

The risk management approach means that our security professionals do more than just provide a visible security presence. Clients can rest assured that our private function security guards are trained in vigilance techniques that allow them to monitor an environment, regardless of the level of noise or commotion.



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