Armed Guard

Our highly experienced, extensively trained, and thoroughly professional security staff are available to provide a variety of services for you or your business here in Melbourne.

The focus of our security services is to ensure that you, your employees, customers, and the general public can feel safe and secure under our supervision. As professionals, our security guards will work with you to develop a security plan that ensures safety and order is maintained in and around your premises at all times.

As an armed guard service here in Melbourne, all of our professional security personnel have received nationally accredited training in security, including in the use of specialised equipment including firearms.

Armed guards provide an unprecedented level of protection and deterrence for high-sensitivity locations such as banks, cash in transit, or high-profile buildings.


Why choose us?

Our services are comprehensive and cost-effective: we employ a number of highly-qualified security personnel capable of performing a variety of functions.

Our armed guard Melbourne are highly experienced and capable professionals who are more than capable of protecting your security interests.

All of our staff have undertaken nationally-accredited training and received their relevant licensing qualifications from Victoria Police.

The presence of our security officers acts as a visual deterrent to any form misconduct and also provides an air of professionalism and safety.

We tailor our security services to your specific requirements. With a wealth of experience in security and protection services, our professional security personnel and armed guard Melbourne here in Melbourne are capable of providing unmatched vigilance, deterrence, and safety whatever the location or situation.

Protecting you, your business, and your reputation is our chief motivation, so you can be sure that we invest in the best people, training, and technology to assist us in achieving this.

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