Mobile Patrol Melbourne

Mobile security patrols are great way to maximise your security coverage and response capabilities across a range of locations and situations. Residential mobile patrols are particularly important with the changes we’ve seen recently in crime statistics here in Melbourne, with individuals bent on disruptive and even dangerous behaviour becoming increasingly confident in their attempts to target private residences.

A residential mobile patrol, as offered by Guardia, consists of a small, highly-organised group of professional security personnel who actively patrol a particular neighbourhood or residential area and keep an eye out for any signs of criminal, anti-social, or otherwise suspicious behaviour. They are also available to assist residents however they can, and gather and share information with local police and other authorities as required. 

Similar in function to a neighbourhood watch initiative, private mobile security patrols in residential areas differ in that they are carried out by professional private security contractors who are equipped with all the training, tools, experience, and relevant licensing to conduct thorough and comprehensive security services. This provides a highly-visible deterrent to those considering engaging in antisocial or criminal behaviour that protects private residences and neighbourhoods from becoming a target for crime.

Reduced crime rates are routinely observed in neighbourhoods which are patrolled by private security personnel. Such a reduction in crime is induced through the greatly increased risk of apprehension posed to criminals seeking to engage in their nefarious activities in areas protected by such patrols. With this in mind, there is no doubt that areas protected by mobile security patrols are considerably safer than those that receive only occasional police patrols or are part of a neighbourhood watch initiative.

Creating your mobile security plan with Guardia

Guardia understands that the key to delivering successful security outcomes for clients comes from the ability to maintain a good professional relationship and interpersonal rapport with those we serve. We tailor our security services to meet your specific requirements; whether you are a business, community organisation, or private individual, we understand that different groups have different expectations and requirements of their security providers. 

Bear this in mind should you decide to get in touch with us, as we specialise in creating personalised security packages to meet differing security requirements. Residential patrol plans are no different, and we believe that community consultation is the key to creating an effective mobile security plan that meets the requirements of you and your neighbours.

All members of Guardia’s mobile residential patrol groups are fully trained through relevant government-subsidised programs, as well as our own in-house security training program. Guardia security personnel are licensed as required by Victoria police, ensuring that they exhibit the highest degree of professionalism and community awareness whilst carrying out their duties protecting you and your community. We work closely with police and other local authorities to ensure that no relevant information goes unreported, and no suspect manages to avoid apprehension in the event of a security breach in your neighbourhood.

If you operate a community neighbourhood watch program, there is no better way to bolster the security in your neighbourhood than approaching Guardia to create a personalised residential mobile patrol plan that will see uniformed security professionals active in your area. We will always work with you, your organisation, and your neighbours to ensure that crime stays out of your residential area and that a professional security team is always within easy reach in the case of an intrusion or criminal act.

Don’t forget that the cost to your community can be spread among members who are interested in maintaining a high degree of security and responsiveness to prevent criminal or antisocial behaviour, resulting in a comprehensive level of security coverage at minimal individual cost. So give us a call today if you would like to hear more about Guardia’s range of residential security options, including mobile patrols and other highly-effective means of deterring crime and disruption in your area. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can, as Guardia has built its reputation on surpassing client expectations and establishing effective relationships with clients and community members.

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