K9 Security Melbourne

Security dogs Melbourne – Guard dogs Melbourne – Canine Security Melbourne As part of the comprehensive range of security and guard services we provide here in Melbourne, Guardia offers a specialised and experienced k9 security unit for hire by clients who require effective patrols or are dealing with high-risk security situations.


Our canine security service is highly adaptable, and can be deployed in a variety of environments and scenarios depending on the requirements of the client. Dog teams are capable of providing security over large areas, with training and experience in a variety of security scenarios which require extensive coverage and detection abilities.

The threat posed by intruders is particularly prevalent in situations where a large site is left unoccupied (such as at night or on weekends).

Examples of situations where canine security services are in high demand include:

All of the above are examples of security scenarios requiring a heightened sense of awareness and intervention capabilities. Intruders may attempt to enter private property at night or through subterfuge (such as hiding on premises during the day and emerging after hours) – the benefits of canine security in such situations are numerous, as dogs are able to detect intruders and find them quickly and easily. Guardia Risk K9 security Melbourne patrols are hugely effective in preventing intrusions and vandalism.

K9 Building Security Melbourne – Guard Dog Security Melbourne

In addition to our coordinated K9 units, which can use dog and guard patrols to secure a large area, Guardia offers more traditional guard dog protection to a variety of clients with specialised requirements. Guardia guard dogs can be used to protect buildings, construction sites, outdoor businesses, and private dwellings. During your initial security consultation with Guardia, we will conduct a thorough analysis and work with you to create a tailored security strategy to suit your needs.

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