Security Guard Melbourne

Your security guard Melbourne professional needs to have the skills, experience, and equipment to give the best performance and deliver optimal results. In addition to these key elements, the best security guard Melbourne require extensive accreditation, being subject to qualifications requirements enforced by Victoria Police and regulatory bodies.

Our Melbourne security guards satisfy all of the above, ensuring you hire a security guard that is skilled and experienced in the profession and that has obtained the relevant qualifications and licenses.

In addition to their experience and qualifications, our Melbourne security guards understand the importance of customer service and client-focused service delivery. We strive to establish and develop lasting professional relationships with each and every client, where possible, in order to deliver the best security services and solutions available in Melbourne. We understand that the most effective security services, and the best performing security guards, are able to adapt to the unique needs and circumstances of our clients.

If you are looking for a security guard in Melbourne, it is important to be aware of the unique security circumstances affecting you or your business. An awareness of your security circumstances will enable you to select a security guard or security services provider that matches your needs and personal/professional ethos. Below we have listed some of the services provided by our security guards in Melbourne:

Building, Facilities and Grounds Security Guard Melbourne

For clients who require an on-site security presence, our security guards are capable of monitoring security risks and maintaining a secure environment in a range of settings and situations. Whether it is a business premises, including car parks and construction sites, or property and grounds (schools, hospitals etc.) our Melbourne security guards provide a highly-visible security presence.

Depending on the unique security requirements and circumstances of the client, our security guards will maintain a fixed position and/or conduct patrols and checks at predetermined intervals, all the while monitoring goings on and watching for security risks.

Bodyguard Melbourne

Our Melbourne bodyguard service recognises the heightened requirement for close personal security and strategic implementation of security services for some clients here in Melbourne. Bodyguards are required to go above and beyond the level of service provided by other security guards, as they are personally responsible for the personal security of their client and must do everything in their power to protect them from security threats.

Our Melbourne bodyguards understand that effective personal security is all about risk identification and management, meaning that our bodyguards are experienced in monitoring and responding to changes in the environment that could influence security in any given situation.

Your Melbourne bodyguard is a close-protection professional, capable of filling the role of driver, assistance, concierge, and security advisor. As your closest and most effective security asset, your bodyguard is your right-hand-man and will inform you of any potential security risks so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.

Event Security Guards Melbourne
Function and event security requires experience and skill owing to the dynamic nature of the security environment in such circumstances as parties or public gatherings. The flow of emotion and energy in the crowd can be difficult to predict, requiring event security guards to be vigilant and responsive at all times.
With this in mind, our event security guards understand that their role is to ensure a function or event is a success for the client. This means that the visible presence or level of engagement on the part of our security guards is determined by the client.

Do you want uniformed security guards at your function, or would you rather have plain-clothed security guards mingling with the crowd and keeping an eye on things? With us, you are in control of your event security.

Mobile Patrol Security Guards Melbourne
For clients who do not have fixed or high-risk security requirements, it is simply not cost-effective to hire security guards by the hour. Mobile security patrols are the solution for clients in this situation, enabling them to receive periodic checks on the security of their home or business at intervals decided upon by them.

A mobile security patrol is a small security team, usually two security guards, who are based in a vehicle equipped with lights and communications equipment. The mobile patrol team travels along a predetermined route, stopping at given intervals to conduct checks on client premises located across the route.

When the mobile patrol arrives at a client’s premises, they will exit their vehicle and conduct a security check. The level of comprehensiveness involved in these security checks is up to the client, who is able to request very thorough internal security checks or settle with a brief perimeter check. It is this level of cost flexibility which makes mobile security patrols such an attractive alternative to hiring security guards by the hour, especially when security services are required after hours or in remote/unserviced locations.

Melbourne Security Guards

Guardia’s security guard Melbourne professionals are capable of maintaining the optimal level of security in a wide range of situations or circumstances. Capable of adapting their duties to the specific requirements of each individual client, our security guards call on their experience and qualifications to adapt to dynamic and high-risk security environments. Whatever the client, whatever the risk, our Melbourne security guards have the professional and personal skills to deliver optimal security outcomes for Melbourne businesses, organisations, and individuals alike.


When you access our Melbourne security guard services, we ensure that you are in complete control of the visibility and comprehensiveness of your security coverage. Our security guards are qualified and trained to adapt their varied skill sets to meet security risks in whatever form they may take. Our service is built upon risk detection, risk minimisation, and constant monitoring of and communication regarding developing security situations and risks.

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