Security Patrols Melbourne

When it comes to providing the greatest possible level of security coverage and response capability, Guardia mobile security patrols Melbourne are the key to success in security and risk prevention. Consisting of small groups of fully-licensed, professional security personnel equipped with vehicles and all the tools required to carry out comprehensive security checks, apprehensions, and communication, our mobile security patrols are fully capable of responding swiftly and effectively to any real or perceived security risk. 

Suitable for a range of clients, mobile patrols are perhaps the most effective way to prevent criminal or disruptive behaviour from affecting you, your business, your organisation, or your community. With over 30 years experience delivering some of Australia’s finest private security services, Guardia understands what makes for successful security service.

We know that the key to carrying out effective and efficient operations lies in quality training for our personnel, full licensing by Victoria Police and other relevant authorities, and a comprehensive professional relationship between us and our clients built upon excellent communication and customer control over their security outcomes.


What is a security patrols?

Security patrols are a highly effective method of dealing with unwanted intruders, criminal behaviour, or other disruptions that may affect your business, organisation, or personal property. Guardia operates a large team of experienced security professionals, and is more than capable of deploying small teams of private security guards to patrol a given area at a pace arranged by the client. Suitable for businesses that require an extensive security coverage, Guardia mobile patrols can ensure that the entire area which requires security coverage is patrolled and monitored, with information being relayed to the client in real-time where appropriate through our communications and information equipment located in all Guardia mobile patrol vehicles.

Are you a home owner concerned about criminal activity in your neighbourhood? Perhaps you are part of a community-based security organisation, such as a neighbourhood watch initiative? There is no better way to create a sense of safety and security in your district than by arranging a Guardia mobile patrol to monitor and secure your neighbourhood. Guardia mobile patrols always work closely with residents, local authorities, and community organisations such as neighbourhood watch initiatives to ensure that safety and order are maintained to the highest degree.

In a residential scenario, a Guardia mobile patrol consists of a team of uniformed security professionals who conduct vehicular patrols within a given area, as specified by the client and arranged during your initial security consultation with us. These patrols provide an unprecedented level of order and security for your neighbourhood, with a Guardia mobile patrol capable of responding immediately to security risks or criminal behaviour. Our security professionals will work closely with residents and local police in the event that a security risk is identified, wasting no time in responding to ensure that the risk is mitigated as quickly as possible.

There really is no better way to maintain a sense of safety and security in your community than through Guardia’s mobile patrol service. In light of recent spikes in crime, especially thefts and home invasions here in Melbourne, it is an unfortunate fact that many communities are being faced with the tough decision of what to do in the face of criminal activity and antisocial behaviour. Guardia is here for you during these difficult times. Police resources are often stretched thin, and response times can be quite lengthy for most neighbourhoods. Having a Guardia mobile patrol in place will ensure that there is an immediate and effective security response in the event that criminal activity or antisocial behaviour takes place in your neighbourhood. 

Construction and building mobile patrol Melbourne

Construction sites can be extensive in size and difficult to keep secure due to their temporary nature and the transient presence of workers. An attractive prospect for thieves and vandals, construction sites are sensitive areas when it comes to security, with break-ins or thefts occurring regularly and potentially setting back construction work. Guardia is aware of these risks due to our 30+ years of providing private security to construction companies and other builders here in Melbourne and interstate. No matter how extensive a construction site happens to be, Guardia has the security professionals and equipment to keep it safe and secure around the clock. 


A Guardia mobile patrol is particularly effective in deterring criminal behaviour around construction and building sites, as the highly-visible presence of our vehicles and uniformed security personnel provide a strong deterrent for those who might be considering the prospect of interfering with a construction site. In addition to our security technology, such as site monitoring equipment including a range of CCTV and alarm systems, a Guardia mobile patrol provides an instant response in the event of unauthorised entry or attempts at theft or vandalism.

The Guardia difference in security patrols Melbourne

With over 30 years experience providing first-class private security arrangements to the people and businesses of Melbourne, Guardia understands that security is incredibly important for residential groups and business organisations alike. 

There is no better way to ensure safety, order, and security than through a Guardia mobile patrol – offering a highly visible security presence and excellent client-security provider communication, Guardia offers a highly-professional and cost-competitive security service that is sure to exceed your expectations and defend your interests. 

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