Policy Objective

The objective of this policy is to establish a process for Guardia Risk, a security company, to engage with social enterprises in its supply chain. By prioritizing social enterprises, Guardia Risk aims to support sustainable and socially responsible businesses while ensuring the highest standards of security.

Policy Guidelines

1. Definition of Social Enterprise
  • For the purpose of this policy, a social enterprise is defined as a business entity that operates with the primary objective of creating positive social or environmental impact.
  • Social enterprises should be registered and recognized by relevant authorities or certifying bodies as meeting the criteria of a social enterprise.
2. Supplier Evaluation and Selection
  • Guardia Risk will incorporate social enterprise engagement as a key criterion in the supplier evaluation and selection process.
  • Social enterprises will be given equal opportunities to participate in the bidding process for the supply of goods or services.
  • The company will conduct due diligence to verify the social enterprise status and assess its social impact, business practices, financial stability, and ability to meet Guardia Risk’s requirements.
  • Guardia Risk will maintain a database of approved social enterprises for future reference.
3. Supplier Engagement and Development
  • Guardia Risk will actively engage and collaborate with social enterprises to build long-term relationships.
  • Regular communication channels will be established to facilitate dialogue, feedback, and knowledge sharing.
  • The company will provide guidance and support to social enterprises to help them improve their business practices, quality standards, and compliance with security regulations.
  • Capacity building initiatives, such as training programs or workshops, may be organized to enhance the capabilities of social enterprises.
4. Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Guardia Risk will establish a monitoring mechanism to evaluate the performance of social enterprises in terms of quality, delivery timelines, and adherence to contractual obligations.
  • Performance metrics will be clearly defined, and regular assessments will be conducted.
  • Reports on the social impact achieved through engagement with social enterprises will be generated periodically to measure progress and demonstrate Guardia Risk’s commitment to social responsibility.
5. Continuous Improvement
  • Guardia Risk will continuously review and improve its engagement with social enterprises, incorporating best practices and lessons learned.
  • Feedback from internal stakeholders, suppliers, and social enterprises will be solicited and used to refine the process.
6. Transparency and Public Disclosure
  • Guardia Risk will transparently communicate its commitment to engaging social enterprises in its supply chain to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Relevant information about the social enterprises, including their social impact, will be shared publicly to promote transparency and accountability.

Policy Compliance and Implementation

It is the responsibility of all Guardia Risk employees and stakeholders to comply with this policy. The company’s management will ensure its effective implementation, provide necessary resources, and address any concerns or challenges that arise during the process.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed periodically to assess its effectiveness, relevance, and alignment with evolving social enterprise practices and industry standards. Any necessary updates or revisions will be made to ensure the policy remains current and aligned with Guardia Risk’s objectives.

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