Security Services ACT

The Security Services in ACT that Guardia provides include the following: Armed guard services, convoy protection, bodyguard services, crowd control services, K9 Security, Private Event Security Services, Work Function Security, Mobile Patrol Security, Surveillance and private investigator services, international guard and security services.

Armed Guard ACT

Guardia armed guards are equipped with the training, experience, and tools to provide the highest protection. Adaptable to various security scenarios and client requirements, Guardia armed guards have a record of excellence in providing first-class close protection and private security services for a range of clients here in ACT.

Maintaining a constant level of vigilance, coupled with security strategies and techniques that can only come from extensive skills and training, Guardia armed guards are capable of defending interests in complex security situations. Suitable for any high sensitivity location or target, armed guards create a powerful deterrence that offers the best protection and security coverage available.
Guardia’s armed guards have received nationally-accredited security training, including appropriate firearms and tactical equipment training. Additionally, armed guard services are licensed and regulated by Victoria Police to provide a heightened level of accountability and professional commitment.

Convoy Protection

For clients requiring focused and detailed security during transportation of high-value assets, including information on local security and situational stability, Guardia convoy protection services deliver an exceptional level of operational planning and implementation. Synchronised with responsive and pre-emptive security elements, convoy protection ensures the assets will reach their destination securely.
In a foreign context, Guardia has delivered convoy protection services for valuable assets delivered by air, land, and sea in countries as diverse as Pakistan, Libya, the Philippines, and Iraq.

Capable of collecting, handling, and delivering assets of any kind, Guardia convoy protection officers routinely work with a range of clients, from corporate entities to individuals.

International Security and Guard Services

Intelligent and comprehensive security is the key to success when operating in high risk, high threat environments in a global context. Guardia’s innovative security solutions encompass risk assessment, security, and training roles for a range of clients including:

Fixed site, mobile, and community based protection strategies encompass Guardia’s broad role in international security.

Bodyguard ACT

Guardia bodyguard services are designed to provide clients with close protection, escort, and personal security services as required. Individual clients are able to tailor their bodyguard package to suit their requirements and circumstances. Guardia bodyguards maintain a high level of physical and mental preparation, allowing them to adapt to any situation and circumstance, and perform exceptionally under pressure.

A Guardia bodyguard is more than a standalone security professional. Your bodyguard is part of our network of security professionals, advisors, and technicians, ensuring excellent preparation and response in a range of scenarios. Communication within the network enables individual security professionals to keep up to date with current situations and security advice in different areas, allowing them to advise on and defend a client’s interests in real-time.

Crowd Control Security ACT

Based on a philosophy of professionalism, Guardia security professionals do away with heavy-handed crowd control in favour of a balanced, communicative approach. Designed to maintain cohesion and minimise disruption, Guardia crowd control services focus on effective communication with stakeholders and guests in addition to active monitoring to ensure a function or event goes to plan.

With accredited training in crowd control as well as RSA of alcohol licensing, Guardia crowd control security guards are capable of identifying and addressing disruptive behaviour before it escalates.

Key functions of Guardia’s crowd control security include:

Private Event Security Guard ACT

By providing clients with a visible and attentive security presence, any private event or scheduled function is sure to be a success with Guardia private event security guards in attendance.
Clients are able to select the level of visibility and attentiveness of Guardia private event security guards to match the circumstances of their function or event. This includes plain-clothed or uniformed security guard presence as required.
With an emphasis on risk-management, Guardia private event security strives to identify signs of disruption or threatening behaviour and address them before escalation occurs. This active approach to security is designed to allow functions and events to run smoothly and successfully, even in a complex security situation.

k9 Security ACT

Canine security services are broad, encompassing guard dog, canine patrol, and property protection roles to name a few. Guardia operates an experienced canine security unit to provide heightened protection for clients with complex requirements. Highly adaptable, k9 security is capable of performing more effective patrols and monitoring larger areas than human security units.

Guard dogs are especially effective when deployed in large or vacant premises, particularly at night or during periods when staff or occupants are not present. Guard dogs provide a huge and highly effective deterrent to intruders, capable of detecting intruders before they have entered the premises.

Clients requiring security at a site prone to unauthorised intrusions, thefts, or vandalism find k9 security and guard dogs to be especially effective. Examples of situations in which we have deployed k9 security include:

Work Function Security ACT

Employing elements of crowd control and venue security services, Guardia provides security for work functions and events that ensures the event runs without incident. Part of any good event management strategy, security ensues guests can feel at ease in the understanding that disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Mobile Patrol Security ACT

Mobile security patrols combine enhanced responsiveness, coverage, and deterrence with cost-efficiency. Guardia’s mobile patrol teams are vehicle based and equipped to perform the required security checks and functions.

Suitable for a range of clients and situations, mobile patrols offer the flexibility of arranging your own patrol schedule and the level of detail in checks carried out on your premises. From perimeter checks, where the site’s boundaries are inspected for signs of damage or unauthorised activity, to internal checks involving thorough inspection of the site, a mobile patrol team is essentially your own security guard unit that can show up at pre-arranged times. Upon conducting the required check, your mobile patrol team will leave a calling card or sticker at key spots around the site to ensure that their presence is noted by potential vandals or intruders.

Key areas of service for Guardia mobile patrol units include:

Private Investigator ACT

Investigation services are vital in addressing the threat of fraud, shrinkage, issues with staff, and invalid compensation claims or civil action. Guardia’s licensed private investigators work with clients who are facing difficult circumstances, ensuring a high level of compassion and communication to get them through the event.

Key private investigation and surveillance services offered by Guardia include:

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